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Engine tools for the Rotax Evo line of racing go kart engines. From float gauges, to clutch holders, power valve tools, we have all you need here! 

Consult the exploded diagram first to see what tools we have available, and check out the drop-down menu for each tool. 

If you don't see an option outlined here, but are looking for a certain tool, reach out to us, we will be happy to assist you!

Product Details

  • P/N 277400: Rotax Float Arm Adjustment Gauge - This tool is ideal for adjusting the float height on your Dellorto carburetor. 
  • Rotax Clutch Removal Tool: Ideal to hold the clutch and starter ring gear in position for removal of the main crankshaft nut. Once this nut is removed, the drive sprocket can be changed, the clutch can be serviced, and components can be replaced. A great tool to have in your toolbox for the Rotax racer! 
  • Power Valve Spring Tool: Ideal for removing or replacing the power valve spring that wraps around the bellows for the power valve assembly. The power valve tool helps spread the spring over the bellows for proper installation. 
  • Rotax Sprocket Fixation Tool: Ideal for helping to hold and remove different drive sprockets from the Rotax clutch drum. Great tool to have on hand as a Rotax racer!