Engine Services

Our racing engine is one of the most important components of your kart. From the humble Briggs & Stratton 206, to hi-revving CR125 shifter kart engines, we have the in-house services and partners to keep your racing kart motor operating in peak condition. 

Within our shop, we specialize in the Briggs 206 engine package. From parts replacement, to inspection, our team can service your engine to perform with the best at our central location in Arvada, Colorado. Our team fully disassembles, inspects, cleans, and repairs your 206 to get it back into fighting shape, no matter how many hours are on it or the level of your competitive ambition. To book your Briggs 206 engine refresh, check out our service page here. 


For our customers that seek blue printing or rebuilds for their performance kart engines like IAME, ROK, Yamaha, or Honda, Point Karting turns to BBS Race Engine Development to meet the horsepower needs of our customers.

In an extremely competitive realm that requires specialist organizations to continue to support a shifting array of engines, BBS has shown to be a consistent producer of high-performance engines for kart racers. Specializing in a variety of racing engines for customers across the country, BBS has countless local, regional, and national victories to their credit, with neon-yellow-emblazoned BBS engines excelling across all categories.

Due to the nation's current karting scene, BBS primarily focuses on engines manufactured by Vortex / ROK, IAME, Yamaha, and Honda as mentioned before. However, if you have an engine manufactured by someone else, chances are BBS has seen it before, and knows how to make power with it!  Learn more about our partnership and program with BBS Racing Engines here. 

BBS Racing Engines


Booking Your Appointment for Engine Service

To schedule your appointment with Point Karting for an engine re-fresh, view our appointment booking portal here: https://calendly.com/pointkarting/briggs206refresh

Upon receipt of your booking request, our team will contact you to coordinate the exact details of your assessment request, drop-off and pick-up times for your Briggs 206 engine or racing engine. 

Our facility is located in Arvada, Colorado. For nationwide (non-Colorado) customers, shipping arrangements and fees will apply.