IAME M1 Bambino Engine (60cc)

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The IAME M1 Bambino Engine is a 60cc, single-piston, 2-cycle engine designed for performance kart racing. A new design from IAME, the M1 Bambino is designed to make racing easy for new kart racers, with a pull-start cord, diaphragm operated carburetor, fuel tank (1.5 mL) and pre-installed components available with purchase of the motor, ready to put onto kart without mounting additional accessories.

Primarily, the M1 Bambino is intended to be mounted to either Kid Kart or Cadet kart chassis (860mm or 950mm). A full range of guards ensconces the motor, to keep drivers safe from heat or moving components, and an oversize On / Off switch makes operation of the motor easy for even the youngest drivers.

The clutch included with the M1 is a centrifugal clutch, with 3 equal shoes expanding to engage on the drive sprocket. Peak horsepower is achieved around 6,500 RPM, at 2.0 HP. A higher clutch engagement speed makes engine durable for even the most hesitant drivers who spend considerable time off-throttle.

Technical Details

  • Engine Type: "Otto 2-Stroke" - Single Cylinder
  • Bore: 41.80mm, Max Legal 42.0mm
  • Stroke: 43.30mm
  • Displacement (cc): 59.42cc, Max Legal 60cc
  • Max Horsepower: Peak 2.0hp @ 6,500 RPM
  • Max Torque: 2.5 NM (184 ft. lb) @6,000 RPM
  • Cycle Type: Piston Port
  • Mixture of Fluids: 3% Oil per part Fuel
  • Ignition: Analog (Stator), Pull-Start
  • Clutch: Centrifugal, 3-Shoe (Engages at 4,000 RPM)

What comes with the Engine

The Bambino M1 comes with the engine, complete, carburetor, exhaust, etc. In addition, IAME has now started to include P/N S1836-C, which is a motor mount kit. We are working on more details on this motor mount plate, please contact us for any questions.

Each engine is sold separately, as pictured. This means the motor will still need a motor mount, and power train accessories such as fuel, chain, and sprocket to complete the power train system on a kart.