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VLR Emerald Go Kart, Complete Kit Race Ready with Briggs 206 Engine and Clutch package. This go kart is our most popular option for the Briggs 206 racing categories for adults, and is a race-proven performer on the track!

With a simplistic design built to make the karting experience reliable and swift, the Emerald has taken the karting market by storm since its introduction in 2016. Each and every year, the VLR receives modest updates to iterate on a fundamental proven design. For 2023, improved aerodynamics, a leather-stitched steering wheel, and raised steering shaft support are the primary alterations.

Choose between the standard kit with KG506 bodywork, or upgrade to the newer KG507 style bodywork and upgraded front end components!

Race Ready!

When we say race ready, we mean it! Here's what the kart comes with:

  • RLV International Motor Mount (I-30 Spacing)
  • Briggs 206 Engine Kit, w/Exhaust, #35 or #219 Drive Train and Hilliard Clutch

All you'll need is a set of tires and it's ready to go!


Select from several graphics options:

  • Factory VLR Graphics (Pictured)
  • Fully Custom - anything you want! (put in notes at check out)
    An Overview of the VLR Emerald Chassis:

    The Emerald is a rather unique chassis for its size, in that it features 28mm tubing throughout. This creates a very soft and dynamic chassis feel that is very easy to drive, and very approachable for both karting veterans and newcomers. So easy is it to drive and adapt to, that it is our chassis of choice for our 'try karting' days.

    Here are some more details about the Emerald:
    • Chassis Tubing 28mm Chrome Moly
    • Front Axle 28mm Chrome Moly
    • Finish Black Powder Coated
    • Rear Axle 0039 40mm Medium Flex
    • Rear Axle Bearings (2) 0039 40mm
    • Ride Height Front & Back Adjustable
    • Torsion Bar Front & Back Removable
    • Rear Wheel Hubs (2)0039 Black Aluminum 40mm x 75mm
    • Front Wheel Hubs (2)0039 Black Aluminum 17mm x 75mm
    • Front Spindles (2)0039 10mm King Pin/ 17mm Axle
    • Ackerman 0039 Adjustable
    • Caster/Camber 0039 Adjustable
    • Steering Wheel KG 335mm
    • Fuel Tank KG 8.5 Liter, Removable
    • Bodywork KG 507 Complete Set, Black
    • Brakes 0039 "Easy-Brake", 4 Piston Caliper
    • Rotor/Disc 0039 12mm Vented
    • Seat Struts (2) 0039

    • Seat 0039, sizes Small-XXLarge with Hardware

    • Front Wheels 0039 Cast Aluminum Hub Mounted, 5" x 130mm

    • Rear Wheels 0039 Cast Aluminum/ Vented/ Hub Mounted, 5" x 180mm

    Seat Sizing

    Sizing your seat is easy! Check out the seat sizing chart here or in the image gallery. 

    Shipping and Assembly

    Like any kart, the Emerald is available in a semi-assembled fashion from VLR USA. At Point Karting, we take pride in each chassis we build for our customers. Don't worry, no matter where you are, we can deliver your VLR to you! Want us to assemble it for you prior to its arrival? We can do that! Or, we can ship the kit directly to you, and be available at any time for customer support and product information.

    Typically, from initial order to delivery the time line for you receiving your kart is approximately 1-1.5 weeks. If you would like us to assemble the kart, this may take us slightly longer, due to shipments being received by us, un-packed, assembled, and re-packed. Point Karting is here to serve our customers, so let us know how we can best serve you!