#219 Kart Chains

#219 Racing Go Kart Chains. From economical chains, to high-performance chains, and even O-ring chains, we have it all! Ideal for many go kart applications, particularly 2-cycle high-performance karts that utilize engines made by Rotax, IAME, Horstman, Yamaha, Briggs, etc. 

Each chain presented here is proven to perform given the correct application, and is available in a variety of lengths. Finding the right chain for you and your kart can take some time. Generally, a higher-price-point chain is going to be more durable to strain, torsion, and stretching. In particular, O-ring chains are the best on the market today for high-performance applications. 

Questions? Email us at pointkarting@gmail.com to find out which #219 chain might be right for your application.