World Formula Pipe and Silencer Kit - USA Spec

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World Formula Exhaust Pipe and Silencer - USA Spec. This exhaust kit is perfect for your Briggs World Formula Racing engine for applications in go kart racing in the USA! Keep your engine within compliance and operating perfectly with this kit. The kit includes the exhaust pipe, silencer, and exhaust flex springs to keep the whole assembly in place.


This kit is designed to be your go-to exhaust kit for the World Formula engine! For more information specifically on the exhaust pipe (EXF5950), here is a link to the exhaust pipe dimensions.

This kit comes with the USA-spec exhaust silencer, which fits over the exhaust pipe in a pipe-within-pipe configuration. A welded-on fitment on the exhaust pipe holds the silencer in place with the addition of flexible retention springs.

Each kit includes (1) EXF5950 Briggs World Formula Exhaust Pipe, (1) EXF4108 Exhaust silencer USA Spec, (2) Retention Springs (gold color).