Briggs World Formula Exhaust Pipe

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Exhaust Pipe for the Briggs & Stratton World Formula engine. This exhaust pipe is the standard exhaust system for the World Formula kart racing engine! In addition to this pipe, you likely will need a silencer for your specific region or karting application. The silencer helps smooth exhaust flow from the engine and quiet the overall noise of the engine.


Manufactured by RLV USA for Briggs & Stratton and their World Formula exhaust system, the 3-stage exhaust pipe is the perfect addition to your engine's exhaust network! Each silencer is cut and manufactured to perfectly connect to the World Formula exhaust header for sprint-style karting applications.

Common exhaust silencers that this pipe is paired with include P/N EXF4108 (USA Spec Silencer) and EXF4110 (Canadian / Europe Spec Silencer).

Pipe Dimensions
The pipe has dimensions of:
  • 11" overall length
  • ID of pipe is progressive over 3 stages - 0.940"/1.060"/1.185" ID.
  • Wall thickness of material is approximately 1/8"

Each silencer is sold separately, or as part of our World Formula exhaust silencer kits!