Adjustable Seat Strut

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Seat Support Bars by Righetti Ridolfi. These seat bars are perfect for completing your go kart seat installation, and help support the side of the seat that may need adjustment or special fitment with the use of the seat support clamp.
The seat support bar by Righetti Ridolfi is designed to fit with the seat support clamp, found here.
Choose a seat support bar that is an appropriate length for your application! If you are unsure what length might be right for you, consider ordering a longer support bar, and trimming some length off of bar if too long.
  • Each bar will require drilling a hole to fit the support and retainer bolt between the support upright clamp and the bar. To do this ideally it is recommended to use a drill press to stabilize the bar to create a clean hole without burrs.

Bars do not come with additional mounting hardware. Typically, an M6 bolt is used at the base to secure this bar to the seat support clamp, and M8 seat mounting hardware are used on the top to secure this part to the seat.