Go Kart Seat Supports

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Go Kart Seat Supports by Righetti Ridolfi. Ideal for kart chassis where a standard seat support just won't quite work, and you need to make some custom adjustments! Also this can be standard seat attachment points on some karts, such as Margay and select CRG and OTK karts (such as the TORK or Nordix models).
Designed to clamp around a frame tube on the chassis, and support the seat, often for chassis that are either modified, cut, or simply won't accommodate the seat position or size that one prefers. Anodized black in finish. A pre-drilled hole in the upright is ideal for inserting an M5 cinch bolt for the metallic chrome seat upright (sold separately).
Each support is a two-piece design - consisting of the main support upright and a clamping plate that bolts into the main upright body with (4) M5 socket head bolts, included in the kit.
Choose the seat support clamp that is right for you, and with the appropriate frame tube diameter. Supports are available in 28, 30, 32mm.
Note: This kit does not include the necessary support bar that fits into this clamp.