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ZR Drag Racing pants by Zamp Racing. These pants are a fire retardant pant for those in sportsman or drag racing that seek protection against flame and debris while driving their race car. Manufactured from quality materials and built to withstand truly punishing environments, the ZR pants are a great purchase for a budget-minded racer that wants to stay safe! 

This pair of pants is ready to perform off the rack, and features:

  • 9-Layer Lightweight Aramid Construction
  • Box quilt stitching throughout
  • Pockets on each leg
  • Aramid cuffs for comfort around ankles and wrists

This suit meets or exceeds SFI 3.2 A/ 20 standards.

Zamp Suit Sizing 

Sizing your Zamp pants is easy! Check out the sizing chart below and in the image gallery. If you have questions about which size suit is right for you, reach out to us! For pants, the same sizing applies from suits to pants.