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ZR Drag Race Jacket by Zamp Racing. This jacket is ideal for those that want to stay safe while drag racing or driving a racing vehicle where fire is a real threat. Each ZR drag race jacket is fire retardant and designed to perform in the most punishing environments.

This jacket is ready to perform off the rack, and features:

  • 9 Layer Lightweight Aramid Construction
  • Built-In arm restraints
  • Snap and Loop system attach to the ZR-Drag Racing Pants
  • Box Quilt Stitching throughout
  • Aramid cuffs for comfort around ankles and wrists

This suit meets or exceeds SFI 3.2 A/20 standards.

Zamp Suit Sizing 

Sizing your Zamp jacket is easy! Check out the sizing chart below and in the image gallery. The jackets sizing is similar to a full suit. If you have questions about which size suit is right for you, reach out to us!