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ZR-50 SFI rated kart gloves by Zamp Racing. These gloves are fire retardant and are intended primarily for auto racing, but will also function in karting.

Each gloves features reverse stitching, elastic enclosures for comfort, and a thin leather palm for improved steering wheel feel. 

Unlike the karting glove counterparts, the reverse stitching on the ZR-50 makes for a very 'soft' glove - perfect for fine-tuning your steering inputs on track! Pre curved fingers compliment the glove, making putting it on easier, and maintaining steering wheel feel after some time of use. 

A leather palm further enhances the glove, giving the driver a little padding against the abrasion of the steering wheel. Finally, an elastic band encloses the end of the glove to keep the 'gauntlet' of the glove from slipping down during operation of the kart or car. 

This glove is SFI 3.3/5 compliant, and is fire resistant. 

Sizing Your Zamp Gloves

Sizing your Zamp ZR-50gloves is easy! Check out the sizing chart below, or in the image gallery! The glove is available in sizes 2XS - 3XL