ZR-50 Suit

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ZR-50 race suit for motorsports drivers by Zamp Racing. This suit is ideal to provide fire protection for drag racers, oval track racers, and more! Manufactured from some of the best materials on the market, each ZR-50 suit provides fire retardant protection while maintaining integrity during punishing conditions. 

This suit is ready to perform off the rack, and features:

  • 3 layer flame retardant construction, lightweight
  • Ultra stretch panels along rib cage, lower back, crotch, and shoulders
  • Boot cut finish to pant legs
  • Shoulder stretch panels allowing for floating 360 degree rotation
  • Pockets on each leg
  • Adjustable waist band and leg cuffs

This suit meets or exceeds SFI 3.2 A / 5 compliance

Zamp Suit Sizing 

Sizing your Zamp suit is easy! Check out the sizing chart below and in the image gallery. If you have questions about which size suit is right for you, reach out to us!