Zamp ZK-20 Race Kart Shoe

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ZK-20 Kart Shoe by Zamp Racing. This shoe is light weight, breathable, and flexible!
The ZK-20 shoe is meant to protect the driver in case of an accident, and provides over-the-ankle protection against the pedals. A rolled heel at the rear of the shoe provides improved pedal feel and progression as one applies the throttle or brake during operation of the kart.
One feature that is small but that we love on these shoes is the little 'finger loop' at the rear of the shoe that aids in putting the shoe one. Racing shoes are notorious for being tricky to slip onto the ankle, and this little finger loop aids massively in slipping the shoe on. 
Shoe sizing is similar to standard shoe sizing for 'normal' shoes. As an example, if you are a size 6 shoe in standard shoe, you will fit a size 6 Zamp shoe.