Z-20 Series Shield

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Z-20 Series Shield by Zamp Racing. This shield is designed to be the ultimate in protection and performance for Zamp helmets that accept the Z-20 visor.

Each visor is sturdy and durable, protecting the racer during use of the helmet, but also resistant to scratching or damage from dirt or debris.

Available in clear, dark smoke, light smoke, iridium, or silver and amber, this visor comes in several different finishes to customize your helmet look. 

This shield fits a variety of helmets in the Zamp line, including:

  • RZ-42 (youth and adult)
  • RZ-37 Y
  • RZ-70 (switch)
  • RL-70
  • RZ-64
  • RZ-62
  • RZ-62 Air
  • RZ-60
  • RZ-60V
  • RZ-36
  • RZ-36 DIRT
  • RZ-36 Air
  • RZ-56
  • RZ-59
  • RZ-65D