Z-20 AntiFog Series Shield

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Z-20 Anti-Fog Series Shield by Zamp Racing. Made with anti-fog coating on the inside of the shield, this Z-20 anti-fog shield helps prevent fogging during moist or humid conditions (or cold weather) and is also perfect for a variety of helmet applications.

The Z-20 shield comes in clear, dark smoke, or amber. It fits a variety of helmets, including:

  • RZ-42 (youth and adult)
  • RZ-37 Y
  • RZ-70 (switch)
  • RL-70
  • RZ-64
  • RZ-62
  • RZ-62 Air
  • RZ-60
  • RZ-60V
  • RZ-36
  • RZ-36 DIRT
  • RZ-36 Air
  • RZ-56
  • RZ-59
  • RZ-65D

Anti-Fog Technology In Action