Zamp Laminated Tear Off 2 Mil for Z-20 and Z-15 Series

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Laminated Helmet Tearoffs for racing helmets. These are perfect for dirt racers or those on clay ovals. From high-powered sprint cars to oval karts, we have you covered with Racing Optics X-Stack system.


Racing Optics is reknown within the world of racing for their helmet accessories - particularly their tearoffs! If you are going to race on dirt or any track with rain, dust, dirt, or debris - tearoffs are the accessory your helmet needs. It's like a new view each time you pull a tearoff.

At 2mm thick, each tearoff is designed to be removable and yet durable during the time of use. Fold over the tabs and pull them as you need to!

Each stack contains (10) tearoffs pre-laminated. Each sleeve and pack contains (3) stacks for (30) total tearoffs.