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RZ-62 Helmet by Zamp Racing. The RZ-62 is the current evolution of the reknown RZ-42 line, perfect for kart racing! With newly improved air flow options and a return of integrated features Zamp users love, the 62 series allows you to customize your look.


Zamp's Tri-Tech air force setup promotes improved air flow to the driver, keeping you cool during hot days at the track! The visor is robust and easy to open and close, and plenty of shield options are available. Pre-drilled HANS or Neck Restraint posts are included with the helmet as well, when you are ready for that beyond karting. The Z-20 visor also includes tear-off posts.

The RZ-62 features an aerodynamic shell and chin bar, with the option of adding on a rear spoiler for additional stability and style.

The helmet is available in several colors and patterns, click through the options in the selection toggle to find the design that fits you best!

Sizing Your Zamp Helmet

The RZ-62 helmet is available in sizes X-Small to 2XL.

Like many helmet brands, Zamp determines the size of their helmets based upon a driver's 'hat size,' the circumference around the head just above the ears, and along the top of the brow.

For more on helmet sizing, consult the sizing chart below, or in the image gallery: