RZ-60 Helmet

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RZ-60 Helmet by Zamp Racing. This helmet allows more customization for set up than most helmets in the same price range, and is packed with industry-leading safety features that make the RZ-60 a solid choice for auto and kart racers alike. 

                                                    Overview and Features

The RZ-60 features a variety of features that are unique to the helmet: 

  • Aramid mix shell for lightness and strength
  • Aerodynamic outer chin bar and shell
  • Tri-Tech air system standard - run 'natural,' forced, or side forced air with ease!
  • Fire retardant and removable cheek pads and crown liner.
  • M6 anchors pre-installed for HANS or restraint system installation 
  • Snell SA 2020 compliant

Sizing Your Zamp Helmet

The RZ-60 helmet is available in sizes X-Small to 2XL.

Like many helmet brands, Zamp determines the size of their helmets based upon a driver's 'hat size,' the circumference around the head just above the ears, and along the top of the brow.

For more on helmet sizing, consult the sizing chart below, or in the image gallery: