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The Zamp RZ-42 Karting helmet for young drivers is an ideal helmet for racers who require a smaller helmet shell and padding for their kart racing passion. Fully Snell CMR 2017 compliant, this helmet is an outstanding example of a product that provides a balance of protection and economy.

The RZ-42Y Youth is packed with features for youth kart racers! This helmet features a smaller super-lightweight Kevlar mix shell, which makes it the perfect choice for drivers with a smaller torso, head, and neck compared to the adult RZ-42. All interior pads are removable for washing or fine adjustment regarding fitment, and top air intake vents contribute a natural flow of forced air into the helmet - keeping the shield fog-free and the driver cool.

Helmet Overview

For younger drivers, the RZ-42Y provides a smaller shell that is lighter in weight, and optimized internally for the shape of younger drivers. Compared to the standard RZ-42, this helmet's smaller stature alleviates interference with head and neck devices on the smallest of drivers, while a lighter weight helps alleviate strain on the head and neck of the driver.

With a wide vision port, composite Kevlar and fiberglass shell, and integrated top, side, and chin-bar vents, the RZ-42 will keep younger drivers cool while they remain protected. The Z-21 clear shield is durable and available in a variety of colors and tints, all 2.5mm thick.

Additional components that may be added to this helmet include additional padding sizes to fine-tune fitment as a driver's head size changes over time, force air attachments, and rear spoilers for upgraded aerodynamics.

Each helmet also features a plush, fire-retardant interior. For karters, this may not be necessary, but the fact that these pads are removable is a nice touch!

The RZ-42 for youth drivers is available in simple pearl white, flat black, or in graphic options with Green / Silver /Black or Orange / Blue / Black options.

Helmet Ratings

The Zamp RZ-42 Y is approved for ratings Snell CMR 2017. This rating is a specialized 'sub-rating' of the standard Snell SA2020, and is specifically for youth drivers (ages 12 or under).

Sizing Your Zamp Helmet

The Zamp RZ-42Y is available in sizes: 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 57cm, and 58cm.

Like many helmet brands, Zamp determines the size of their helmets based upon a driver's 'hat size,' the circumference around the head just above the ears, and along the top of the brow.

The RZ-42Y is specifically intended for younger drivers, who have heads smaller than or equal to 58cm in 'hat size.' By utilizing a slightly smaller shell, this Zamp helmet minimizes interference with head and neck protection devices, and places less strain on head and neck muscles during the heat of competition.

For more on the appropriate sizing for you or your driver, see the sizing chart below, or in the image gallery.

NOTE: You will want to utilize the 'youth' sizing chart for this helmet! If a hat measurement size is outside of the realm of this chart, then the 'full size' RZ-42 helmet may be more appropriate for you or your driver.

Each helmet is sold separately. For more accessories for this helmet, consider checking out our Zamp Helmet Accessories.