Zamp Helmet Shield Retention Kit

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Helmet shield hardware for Zamp helmets. Made from aluminum, these kits hold the helmet visor in place through the main screw areas on the Zamp RZ and FSA-series helmet lines, and are available in several colors. A perfect accessory to customize your look!


For the racer who values having just a little extra to set themselves apart, Kart Master's line of aluminum anodized helmet shield retention hardware is perfect to add that 'bling' factor. Each kit includes the main bolts and large washers are meant to hold the helmet visor in place during use of the helmet - keeping you safe, and looking good!

Kart Master has developed these kits for both the RZ line of helmets as well as Zamp's FSA line of helmets. Each helmet type is different, so make sure to choose the right washers for your use.

What is in the Kit?

The RZ helmet kit includes the main helmet shield washer and anchor as well as the shield screw, as a set for the entire visor. These components fit together to hold the visor in place. Note that this kit does not include the plastic 'slider' components that help open and close the visor. Also, this kit does not include tear-off posts.

Similarly, the FSA series helmet shield kit also includes the shield washer and main shield screw. No additional components are included in these shield kits.

Each kit is sold separately. Find the colors that are right for you and your Zamp helmet!