Zamp FS-9 Solid Helmet

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FS-9 Solid Helmet by Zamp Racing. The FS-9 is an introductory helmet designed to keep you safe, while also balancing price point and stylish options. The helmet is MS-2020 and DOT rated, which are great ratings for civilian use or for non-sanctioned karting events.


Building on the success for FS-8, the FS-9 helmet consists of a lightweight fiberglass shell, which meets the Snell M2020 standard.

The helmet is available in several colors, click through the options in the selection toggle to find the design that fits you best!

The FS-9 helmet also features the Z-19 shield system, which is super easy to change and lock, check out the video here to see more about inter-changing the helmet visors!

Cheek pads and head liners are adjustable to change the fit of your FS-9, reach out to us anytime if you have questions about this.

Sizing Your Zamp Helmet

The FS-9 helmet is available in sizes X-Small to 2XL. Like many helmet brands, Zamp determines the size of their helmets based upon a driver's 'hat size,' the circumference around the head just above the ears, and along the top of the brow.

For more on helmet sizing, consult the sizing chart below, or in the image gallery:


    How to Change the FS-9 Shield System