Z-20 FIA Shield

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Z-20 Shield by Zamp Racing. Shop here for all Z-20 face shields for appropriate helmets, that fit the Z-20 model! This model is FIA certified and approved for optimal performance and safety in line with FIA certifications. 

This shield is compatible with a variety of Zamp helmets, including:

  • RZ-42Y
  • RZ-37Y
  • RZ-70
  • RL-70
  • RZ-64C
  • RZ-62
  • RZ-60
  • RZ-60V
  • RZ-36
  • RZ-36 Dirt
  • RZ-56
  • RZ-59
  • RZ-65

Note: Point Karting recommends not utilizing Racing Optic tearoffs on these coated shields. In particular, the 'perimeter seal' tearoffs can remove the coating on these shields. Standard, non perimeter versions should have no issue.