XPS Synthetic 2T Oil - Case

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XPS Synthetic Gear Oil - Case quantity. This oil is a synthetic oil for Rotax Racing kart engines and where the Max Evo kart engine is utilized.

Each oil case features 12 bottles of the Rotax XPS synthetic oil, which is formulated to provide high lubricity and optimize deposit control within the Rotax Max Evo kart engine family. The oil also aids in tuning of the engine, by making deposit and signature on the spark plug easy to tune based on the jetting. The kart

For Rotax Max engines, J3 Competition and Rotax recommend a mixing the oil with the fuel at the following ratios:

  • 30:1 mixture ratio for engine break-in (3% oil)
  • 50:1 mixture ratio for normal engine operation (2% oil)

Each case features (12) 1 QT bottles.