X-Seats by Righetti Ridolfi

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  • X-Seats by Righetti Ridolfi and IKP.
    • These seats are constructed from fiberglass composite and are available in several compositions. However, from our experience, these seats are budget-friendly, but can be prone to premature fatigue if overly stressed. Therefore, we strongly suggest taking your time to properly install this seat, as abnormal stress to the standard X6 can cause fiberglass stress.
    • Each seat is sized for drivers of various dimension, and the seats are designed to be lightweight and semi-durable.
    • All X-Seats are flat-bottom in design, which makes lower mounting positions possible (many kart manufacturers recommend mounting the bottom of the seat parallel to the centerline of the frame tubing as a starting position).
  • X Seats are available in the following models:
    • X6 Standard - This seat is the basic X6 fiberglass model, with a standard fiberglass layering. The X6 is offered in 'medium flex' rigidity. Available in sizes: Baby, Mini (XS), 1-5 (small - XX Large).
    • X6 Padded - This seat is the basic X6 fiberglass model, available in 'medium flex' characteristic. However, the upper 1/4 of the seat along the side areas is padded. This padding is adhered to the fiberglass upon creation of the seat, creating a durable installation. Note this seat is discontinued for now.
    • X6 Carbon Silver - This seat is a slightly more advanced evolution of the X6, with a 'carbon weave' appearance to the fiberglass resin layers. This gives the seat a slightly more even flexure characteristic throughout and added strength. This seat is available in 'medium flex.'