Righetti Wheel Balancer

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Righetti wheel and tire balancer for performance racing go karts. Balancing the wheel and tire on your racing go kart is crucial to reduce vibrations in the steering system, improve straight-line performance, and minimize feedback to the driver's hands through high-frequency vibrations in the steering column and wheel. A great addition to any racer's tool set at the shop or trackside!

Inevitably, no kart wheel is manufactured perfectly - some areas are heavier, some are lighter, regardless of the accuracy of the machining process.

Furthermore, the mating-face of the wheel to the hub on the kart can become out-of-true relative to the rotation of the wheel over time due to abuse and wear / tear. As a result, on the track at high speeds, even small variances can result in vibration and feedback for the driver, causing discomfort or damage to the kart, in extreme cases.

By using this balancing tool and associated wheel weights, a racer can hope to minimize some of this vibration in their kart's wheel and tire assemblies.

5-Second Summary
  • Purpose: Wheel / tire balancer is ideal for balancing kart wheels to optimize performance, and minimize vibration.
    • This fixture accepts hub-mount type wheels and tires, and allows for careful balancing of the kart wheel utilizing wheel weights (not included).
    • Solid base and adjustable spindle to accommodate various wheel widths.
    • Fits standard European wheel pattern rims (3/58 bolt pattern).
      • Therefore, this tool will not fit CRG / DR Kart front wheel rims ( 5 x 130mm, which are 3/67 bolt pattern).
    Ideal For: Wheel balancing fits standard "European" bolt pattern (3/58)