Water Temperature Probe Connection (M10 Fitting)

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Aluminum Water Temperature Probe Connection for water temperature sensors for water-cooled racing go kart engines. This connector accepts M10 sensors, such as AiM MyChron's sensor for the MyChron 4, MyChron 5, and associated sensors.

This adapter is designed to fit in-line in a water hose or fluid hose - typically a water hose for a water-cooled 2-cycle engine such as a Honda CR125, ROK Shifter, TaG, or any other sort of kart engine! The connector features knurled grips on each end to improve retention inside a water hose during engine operation, and a sealed fitting that can be removed with a 5mm T-Handle Allen key for insertion of a threaded M10 temperature sensor.

The sensor connection is available in black.

Water Temperature Sensor Adaptor
Accepts M10 x 1.0mm, aluminum (water hose lines)

Note 01.04.2021 Silver was an option, but is now discontinued.