Vortex ROK Shifter Engine

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Engine Overview
  • Spec engine for ROK Shifter categories. Popular across the nation (ROK Cup USA, Florida Winter Tour, Challenge of the Americas)
    • Utilizes dry disc clutch, 6-speed manual gearbox
    • Engine system cooled via water, radiator/pump.
      • Combustion Cycle: 2-Cycle
      • Lubrication - Fuel / Oil Mixture
        • Recommended mixture: 8oz oil / gal (Motul Kart Grand Prix 2T)
      • Engine Displacement: 125.00
      • Flow System: Reed Valve
      • Bore / Stroke: 54.0mm / 54.50mm
      • Factory Timing: Ignition / Analog System,
      • Horsepower / Torque: 43.0 HP @13,900 RPM
      • Ideal Fuel: VP C12, VP 110, or VP MS 93
      Complete Engine Comes With
      • Complete ROK Shifter (Engine, Clutch, Dell'Orto VHSH Carburetor 30mm)
      • Intake Air Box / Air Filter
      • Exhaust Plenum & Exhaust Pipe (with u-bend)
      • Drive Sprocket of your choosing included - 16 is the standard.
      • Motor Mount (without butterflies) - NOTE that this may vary from chassis to chassis on sizing, contact us for us to cross-check your chassis to make sure the OEM mount fits!

      A Note on Cooling System

      As of 03.04.2022, Vortex ROK has stopped selling their engines with an OEM cooling kit. We have several brand we can work with you to create the best cooling system for your kart, but this will have to be purchased separate, including:

      • A water pump, usually driven off the axle (from bands)
      • Cooling pipe kit (various color hoses available)
      • A Radiator and associated mounting brackets. Check with us for the best one for your kart and application (these are always changing a little as technology changes).

      Want a Built ROK Shifter?

      A "Box stock" ROK Shifter isn't for everyone. If you want yours to be blue-printed, or be dyno-tuned, let us know. We work with several trusted engine builders that know these engines inside and out, and can get the engine shipped to you directly from them (lead times can vary). Call us to get one on the way!