Vortex Rok GP

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  • Ideal for the Senior, Masters, and Junior ROK categories (with restrictions).
    • The ROK Junior category does not utilize the integrated power valve, which significantly drops engine performance into the mid 20's horsepower range.
    • Utilizes a Dell'Orto VHSH Carburetor (30mm).
      • Spec engine for the Vortex ROK Senior, ROK Masters, and Junior ROK category (popular across country - Florida Winter Tour, Challenge of the Americas, ROK Cup USA).
      • Utilizes centrifugal, dry-system clutch.
      • Engine system cooled via air, water
      • Integrated electric starter and wiring harness.
      Engine Specifications:
      • Combustion Cycle: 2-Cycle
      • Lubrication - Fuel / Oil Mixture
        • Recommended mixture: 8oz oil / gal (Motul Kart Grand Prix 2T)
      • Engine Displacement: 125cc
      • Flow System: Reed Valve
      • Bore / Stroke: 54.07mm / 54.00mm
      • Factory Timing: Ignition / Analog System,
      • Horsepower / Torque: 36.5 hp (@12,500 RPM)
      • Ideal Fuel: VP C12, VP 110, or VP MS 93
      Complete Engine Comes With:
        • Complete Vortex ROK Senior, ROK Master, ROK Junior (Engine, Carburetor, Exhaust), depending on the application. Don't worry, we will reach out to check before shipment!
        • Intake Air Box / Air Filter
        • Exhaust Plenum & Exhaust Pipe
        • Centrifugal Clutch (Complete)
        • Wiring Harness (harness, battery box, control panel & components).
        • Radiator, Piping, Clamps, support hardware
        • Battery is an additional component for ROK GP engine.