Mini ROK Airbox Kit

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Airbox for the Mini ROK go kart engine by Vortex. Manufactured from multiple pieces of plastic that are molded together in gray, with an included intake plenum and rubber carburetor boot to fit to the carburetor assembly of the Mini ROK. An integrated support flange is also included on the underside of the airbox.

This airbox is the spec component for the Vortex Mini ROK engine, and is manufactured specifically for this engine. As pictured, the airbox also utilizes a press-fit intake plenum (the red tube) with a contaminant filter.

Also included is a rubber airbox boot. This boot has a fitted groove that fits into the end of the airbox, and allows for the intake angle to be such that optimal air flow is provided to the engine.

Note that most Mini ROK categories and series that follow ROK Cup USA regulations do not utilize an additional air filter in the airbox. This can lead to contaminant build up in the airbox, so it is important to keep this airbox clean!