Mini ROK Exhaust Manifold Gasket

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Exhaust manifold gasket for the Vortex Mini ROK go kart engine. Ideal for the exhaust header interface between the Mini ROK exhaust header and the cylinder head assembly of the 60cc Mini ROK engine.


This manifold gasket is the official spec part for the Vortex Mini ROK engine, and is denoted as P/N 19 in exploded parts diagram below. This exhaust manifold gasket is a crucial component to the exhaust system on the Mini ROK, without it, exhaust gas will leak, and the thermal property difference between the aluminum cylinder head and the steel exhaust needs a fibrous gasket to handle the expansion between the components during thermal expansion and cooling, which happens every time the engine runs.

The ROK Cup USA technical manual recommends a torque of 1.5 KMN to tighten the 7mm exhaust stud bolts. Point Karting recommends this is followed to prevent crushing the exhaust gasket too much, beyond the point where an exhaust seal can form between the header and the cylinder head.

Each gasket is sold separately, and does not come with additional mounting hardware.

Vortex Mini ROK Exhaust Manifold Gasket