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Exhaust header for the Vortex Mini ROK go kart engine. Ideal for competitors utilizing the Mini ROK engine in go kart races within the ROK Cup USA regulations. This component bolts directly onto the rear of the engine, with the use of the exhaust header gasket, and (2) M6 (7mm socket) header bolts.

This is denoted as Part #18 on the exploded parts list view for the Mini ROK engine diagram for the cylinder head area (see below).


This exhaust header is ROK Cup USA compliant, and is utilized with the Mini ROK engine to bring the engine up to the performance and legality expected from this 60cc engine for competition use. The exhaust header features integrated exhaust sprint tabs, welded and ported exhaust plenum, and wide milled base that allows for a tight clamping surface to the rear of the head of the Mini ROK engine.


The Vortex Mini ROK manual recommends utilizing 1.5 KGM tightening torque on the 7mm nut (there are 2, one on each side) to properly torque the exhaust header to the head of the engine. It is crucial to properly install the exhaust header gasket between the head of the engine and the exhaust header to allow for differential thermal expansion of both components during engine operation.

Each exhaust header is sold separately. The exhaust gasket can be ordered here as well, but is an individual part.

Vortex Mini ROK Exhaust Manifold