Mini ROK Battery Box Support Bushing

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Nylon Mini ROK Battery Box Support Bushing. This bushing is designed to support the Vortex Mini ROK 60cc kart engine battery box during use of the engine on the kart, and mounts around the top of the chassis, typically to the driver's left.

In conjunction with a metallic clamp on the underside of the chassis and bolts / brackets, this bushing is crucial to the support of the battery box and electrical components that make up the wiring system for the Mini ROK engine. 

Each bushing is blue in color, and features two pre-drilled bolt holes, with reinforced ribbing to keep the bushing pliable, but durable enough to prevent vibration or sway of the battery box. 

Depending on your application or mounting location, the battery box for the Mini ROK is pre-slotted for the use of (2) pairs of mounting hardware, but many will only utilize (1) mounting bushing, mount plate, and set of screws. 

Note: This bushing is available for 28mm or 30mm tubing. The frame diameter is important to make sure you order the correct bushing option.