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Introducing VLR's newest racing go kart - the VLR Sapphire! The Sapphire is VLR's latest addition to their go kart product line, ideal for the cadet kart market. Designed with the racer in mind, the Sapphire is perfect for drivers ages 7-12 in cadet kart categories such as Junior 1, Micro or Mini ROK, Micro or Mini Max, and Micro or Mini Swift. 


Manufactured by EKS Kart in Italy for renown karting company RLV, the VLR Sapphire is a soft, supple kart that provides excellent chassis feel without compromising on speed and performance. An all-new braking system with various firmness settings makes the Sapphire a strong performer in the braking zones, which allows the chassis to shine in the corners.

The Sapphire takes many elements of design from its larger brother, the Emerald. A diagonal torque tube in the rear of the kart keeps the chassis planted throughout the corner, making the kart reliable and easy to drive for even the newest driver. Multiple ride height, steering geometry, and dynamic width settings front and rear make the chassis responsive to tuning adjustments, with various axle choices and available to complement even the pickiest drivers. 

At the front of the kart, a fully-adjustable, multi-position pedal system accommodates even the smallest drivers by having the option to bring the pedals much closer to the driver. A height-adjustable steering column support and steering hub allow for a variety of driver-comfort settings to ensure proper posture in the racing kart. Steering rate and feel is also adjustable via multiple position settings on the steering column and spindles. Caster-Camber eccentrics allow for addition or subtraction of dynamic grip as standard, with 16-point eccentrics available as an additional upgrade. 

Chassis Specifications

Frame Material: Chrome Molybdenum Steel

Tubing Diameter: 28.0mm, 2.0mm wall thickness throughout.

Wheelbase: 950.0mm

Brakes: Dual-Piston, Single-Caliper Hydraulic (Vented Steel Rotor Standard)

Seat: 0039 F6 Soft (various seat sizes available)

Torsion Bar: Removable - Rear of Chassis

Wheels: Douglass Low-Volume Magnesium (Front, Rear) Standard

Sizing Your Kart Seat

The Sapphire is available with several seat options as standard to accommodate most young drivers. Due to the size of many drivers, VLR offers a 'cut down' version of several seat sizes, which have a slightly lower back height to prevent impeding a driver's movement of their upper torso. To find the right size seat for your driver, consider the sizing chart below. 

VLR Sapphire Seat Sizing Chart