Rear Bumper Mounting Kit (2 Pack)

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Rear bumper mounting kit for racing go karts. Ideal for the VLR Emerald racing chassis, but will fit many other racing karts. Available kits will fit a variety of kart chassis from 28mm, 30mm, and 32mm frames. Each kit comes with a kit of (2) complete mounting kits including long threaded M14 lag bolts, upright bushings, internal frame bushings, and supporting fastening hardware. 
  • Vulcanized rubber bushings available in several sizes to fit different kart chassis: 
    • 28mm Diameter: The 28mm option is Designed to fit the VLR Chassis (28mm tubing), but will fit most 28mm tube karts.
    • 30mm Diameter: More commonly used on full-size kart chassis, particularly many medium or low - horsepower kart chassis. 
    • 32mm Diameter: Most commonly found in shifter karts or high-powered TaG chassis. 
  • Each kit comes with 2 complete kits consisting of the following:
    • Lengthy, threaded M10 x 1.50mm lag bolts, which fit into the chassis frame tubes. 
    • Vulcanized rubber bushings to expand upon inner walls of chassis tubing to tightly hold bumper in place.
    • Black Anodized and hardened aluminum bumper spacers - these fit within the end of the frame tube to serve a clamping area for the end of the rubber bushings as they are tightened, and a clamping area for the bumper support upright to fit over. A similar spacer is designed to fit into the opposing side of the bumper support upright on the nut-side.
    • Non-nylock nut (M10, takes 17mm wrench)
    • Nylock Nut (M10, uses 17mm wrench)
  • Complete bumper mount kit for the bolt components (does not include the uprights or metal supports! 
  • Sold as a pack of 2.