VLR 16-Point Eccentric

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16-Point Adjuster for the VLR Emerald and Sapphire racing go karts. This caster-camber adjuster allows you to adjust camber and caster to many different settings, vital for adjusting front grip or steering feel when at the track. Each eccentric is designed to fit into the spindle-yolk of the chassis, either at the top or bottom of the frame. 


With 16 positions of adjustment, this caster-camber eccentric is the ultimate for setting up your VLR Chassis! An integrated ball-bearing prevents bind in the front steering assembly around the spindle or the king-pin, and many different mounting positions are set into place with the use of an M5 set-screw (utilizing a 3mm allen key). 

Each eccentric is laser-etched in certain positions to denote the position of the eccentric, with markings at each even-numbered spindle eccentric position for repeatable and easy adjustment. 


  • Overall Dimensions: 22mm OD shoulder (where it fits into spindle-yolk), 10mm ID for the king-pin. 

Note: You must specify left or right eccentric, as they are subtly different regarding the laser etching on the eccentric denoting the relative position of the eccentric when positioning or making adjustments.