VLR Rear Torsion Bar

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Rear Torsion Bar for the VLR Emerald Go Kart. The torsion bar secures into the rear of the kart chassis, and is designed to increase rear grip. Installation requires (2) chassis clamps, sold separately.
The rear torsion bar is a standard component delivered with VLR Emerald karts, and a replacement bar can help keep the rear of the kart planted when the track has little to no grip. Usually, the rear bar is only used in very cold track or damp track conditions.
Secured in place by (2) aluminum torsion bar clamps, each torsion bar is 28mm in diameter, and is the perfect length to fit within the mounting stubs at the rear of previous and current VLR Emerald kart chassis. The bar is powder coated gloss black.
Point Karting does not suggest the use of this bar except in rare circumstances. However, it is a great tuning tool to have on hand when the weather turns cold or rainy!