VLR Emerald Kart Front Torsion Bar (28mm)

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Front torsion bar for VLR Emerald Go Kart. This bar is 28mm in diameter and reinforces the front of the kart chassis to provide additional steering response and grip. The bar is removable and is sold here without additional mounting clamps (a pair is needed to install the bar).
Why Use a Torsion Bar?
Utilizing a torsion bar in the chassis reinforces the front of the chassis against torsion, 'planting' the outside front tire in corners to induce chassis hike and a 'twist' motion. Removing the bar will decrease front-end response and grip, so this is a great tuning tool to have in your arsenal at the track!
    • Bar-in creates more front grip, 'pins' front end to race track
    • Bar-out releases front end grip.
  • Black, Powder-coated finish. Ideal for 2016+ VLR Emerald Chassis (28mm OD).