VLR Emerald Brake Pad Shim

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Brake Pad Spacer Shim for the VLR Emerald Kart. Ideal for spacing worn brake pads closer to the brake rotor - typically (2) used per brake caliper, or more depending on what is necessary.

Each pad spacer is designed for the VLR "Easy-Brake" system. As your brake pads wear, the distance between the pad surface and the brake rotor grows. Spacer shims help prolong brake pad life and performance by shimming the pads closer to the rotor, allowing the racer to get more life out of each brake pad! Another way VLR keeps you on track for longer.

Each shim is made of stamped steel, and is rather thin - approximately 1/8" (about 2.5mm). The image shown here is black, but the shim is a shiny stainless steel material.

Each pad shim is sold individually. (2) are required for most brake systems to shim pads evenly.