VLR Brake Pads (Set of 2)

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Brake Pads for the VLR Emerald Racing Kart. Available in both standard and soft compounds. These pads are designed for the "Easy-Brake" system that VLR uses on their kart. 

Brake pads are vital for stopping the kart. Designed specifically for the VLR kart, 0039's pads are durable and easy to install, utilizing several points of installation and spring-loaded return bolts. 

With a central slot in the middle of the pad for cooling, these pads have two central areas. Typically, the two pad surfaces adjacent to each other are designed to wear evenly. However, in times where the rotor shifts laterally side to side by accident, the two-part pad allows the brakes to still function in the case of uneven wear. 

VLR recently introduced a soft brake pad variant. For those that want a slightly more aggressive stopping feel with their brakes, the soft pads can be a great choice. For those already happy with their stopping performance, the standard pads are a great choice. 

Pads are sold as a set of (2) pads. Each brake system on the VLR Emerald requires (2) brake pads.