VLR Kart Cast Aluminum Wheel - Rear - (180mm / 210mm)

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Cast Aluminum Go Kart Wheel for VLR Emerald by 0039 and VLR. Standard Wheel Rim for VLR Emerald Racing Kart, but will fit many racing karts! Polished silver finish, dimensions 5" x 180mm or 210mm, depending on wheel option.

This wheel creates outstanding grip and heat build for racing karts, and is the factory-standard rim for the VLR line of chassis, particularly the Emerald chassis. Precision engineered by 0039 and EKS of Italy to ensure proper wheel run-out and consistent performance.
This rear wheel is available in multiple sizes: 5" x 180mm or 5" x 210mm for various tire width requirements. For a higher grip requirement, 180mm might be more ideal. A 210mm wheel would be more ideal for 7.1" rear tires, or a 6.0" tire stretched over, for less rear grip (great in high grip, low-horsepower applications).
The bolt pattern for this rim is the standard European 3/58 bolt pattern, and fits all standard karting hubs, including the 0039.
Each rim sold is sold individually, with included valve stem, needle valve, and cap.