VLR Emerald Axle Bearing Cassette

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VLR Emerald Bearing Cassette. This bearing cassette holds go kart axles bearings in place within the frame. Ideal for the VLR Emerald, this bearing cassette will fit many racing karts.

M6 x 30mm cinch bolts resist bearing rotation within the bearing cassette. For many performance kart racers, the bearing cassette is a life-time purchase on the kart chassis. However, severe accidents or loose hardware can damage the bearing cassette, and it is an important piece of the chassis!

The cassette fits both 40 and 50mm axles (with OD of 80mm on the bearings).

Black Anodized Finish for hardness and style, with laser-etched 0039 kart components logo.

Each cassette is sold separately, typically (2) are required in all VLR Emerald karts.