Streeter Vertical Kart Stand

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Vertical Kart Stand by Streeter Super Stands. This stand is ideal for tight spaces and small garages for go kart racers! From a full size go kart to cadet or kid kart chassis, these vertical stands are perfect for experienced racers, large teams, or a racer just starting out, who needs more space in a small garage. 
Note: This is for full-size and cadet / mini racing karts. For the Kid Kart stand, call us! 

Each vertical stand fits a variety of go karts, and affixes to the rear axle of the kart via a threaded carriage bolts that clamp to the axle. On the opposing side is a metal bar, that then clamps to the underside of the chassis. 

Improving on previous designs, these vertical stands are reinforced, which makes the stand strong and sturdy, and able to handle even the heaviest karts. An adjustment to the stand height now accommodates full-width plastic bumpers, by elevating the mounting points slightly for additional clearance. Small yet sturdy casters allow for easy rolling or rotation of the stand, but keep it low to the ground so the kart can fit into low-hanging ceiling areas such as trailers. 

Each stand is available in black, and comes complete with (4) swivel casters and mounting hardware.  

The stand, once assembled, is the following dimensions:
  • 33" in width 
  • 25" in depth 
  • 25" in height (with casters on)
Each Streeter Vertical stand is considered an oversize item. As a result, these stands do incur a shipping fee. Each stand is shipped separately.