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The universal clutch and flywheel puller by PKT is perfect for a variety of go kart engines. From Rotax, to Vortex ICC, IAME Leopard, even Comer C51 or K80 engines, this puller has a variety of bolt patterns that will fit and assist in removal of many kart engine flywheels or components.

The puller has a hardened steel ball at the end, to facilitate easy removal of flywheel components, allowing for easy tightening of the main cinch bolt as the puller is tightened, which also protects fragile crankshafts that could be marred by lesser pullers.

Each puller is complete with 12 metric bolts, that will fit the variety of bolt patterns associated with the main puller component.

This puller is a fantastic tool and addition to any karter's toolbox. With so many bolt patterns and pulling options, this one tool is sure to last you a lifetime of kart racing and engine work!