Steel Wheel Weights (4.oz Pack)

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  • TDC Mfg. wheel weights, made of steel with adhesive backing.
  • An excellent thing to have at the track!
  • Helps mitigate vibration in front and rear running gear as you reach middle and higher rpm range of most engines.
  • Every rim has some eccentricity to it, and with wheel weights, balance can be achieved by countering some of this eccentricity that can otherwise lead to vibration through steering wheel.
  • Sold as a 4.oz pack of weights. 
  • Remove the backing, apply adhesive directly to rim face of the wheel, and there you go! Balanced. 
  • **Point Karting recommends also utilizing some duct tape or adhesive over the weights to prevent dust or small rocks from knocking the weights off the rim, and that these weights are installed on the inside (closest to the chassis) edge of the rim.**