Tire Changing Bundle

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Get the tools you need to change your kart tires, all in one! This saves you a little money and gives you both a tire changing tool and a bead breaker!


The bead breaker by RLV is a staple of karting teams and racers across the country. Reliable and adjustable, you can use this bead breaker for your entire karting career without it letting you down.

The Righetti tire tongs are similarly important and well designed. Order them here to save a bit on this pricey yet important tool!

Lastly, the TDC valve stem puller tool gives you the ability to remove Schrader valves and insert them through rims. A humble tool but one that will last you a long time of dedicated service, this tool is great for racers!

Bundle and Save!

Each tool here is fairly pricey on its own - bundle together and save by getting both for less money. This bundle saves you approximately 5% off the cost of each of these tools separately.