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Tire Bag Go-kart Racing

Whether you're carrying a set of tires from your trailer to the track, or just need a place to store your tires in-between races, our go-kart racing tire bag is perfect for the job. A perfect fit for a set of four go-kart tires, this bag will be with you until the end.

Made of high quality nylon fabric with a center K1 logo embroidered on the front and a clear window on top to allow you to see what tires you have inside, our K1 Race Gear tire bag isn't just designed to last a race or a season, but years of competition. After all, we understand how important it is to get value for your money in the world of racing. Every penny saved helps and we design our products to last for this very reason. Order your K1 go-kart racing tire bag today!

Introducing Our Go-kart Racing Tire Bag

We have designed our go-kart racing tire bag with the needs of racers just like you in mind. Whether you need to transport a spare set of slicks, rain tires, or a different tire compound, our tire bag is perfect for the job. It is a durable, practical, and highly usable bag, and it happens to be attractive as well. It features a number of details that help make your life at the track just that little bit easier, including:

  • Measures 30.5"L x 12.5"W x 12.5"H This size allows for a wide range of tire combinations, such as four 7.1" rear tires, four rain tires, or six 4.5" front tires. Alternatively, you can fit one full set of tires (front and rear) plus an extra front (which can be handy if you know that the track likes to eat one of the front tires). Make your own combination!
  • High-quality Nylon Fabric Our nylon fabric is strong yet lightweight, allowing the bag to withstand the rigors of track use while not being too cumbersome or heavy. Throw your tires in without having to worry about your bag's durability or its weight.
  • Affordability The very first time that you stuff up to six tires in this bag, and find that you never want to transport six tires without a tire bag again, our bag would have paid for itself! And that's because it's incredibly affordable while being incredibly practical and beneficial at the same time. There are certain things that simply provide such great value for money that you'd be foolish not to buy one (a hammer comes to mind). For karters, a tire bag should be considered one of those things.

The choice is clear. Take advantage of our incredible prices and order your tire bag today.