Tillotson HL Carburetor Rebuild Kit (Leopard)

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Tillotson HL Series carburetor rebuild kit. Most commonly, the HL series carburetor is utilized on the IAME Leopard kart engine. This kit includes pump diaphragms, gaskets, and intake gasket necessary to rebuild the carburetor to like-new levels!

If fuel sits in the carburetor for a period of time, oil and fuel can mix to create a gummy, messy mixture that can cause even the nicest 2-cycle engines to bog and perform poorly. By replacing these components, you ensure you're refreshing the carburetor to top performance. 

The HL carburetor rebuild kit is available in two forms - a 5-piece kit, and one with 7 pieces. 

  • The 5-piece kit allows for a rebuild of most HL series carburetors (non double-pump style), like the HL 334AB carburetor most commonly used on the IAME Leopard. 
  • The 7-piece kit allows for a rebuild of the double-pump style HL carburetor, most commonly the HR 181B carburetor. 

Each carburetor kit comes with components pictured.