Tillett T8 Cadet Kart Racing Seat

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T8 Fiberglass seat by Tillett Racing Seats. This seat is perfect for those that want a more 'conforming' seat fitment and don't like flat-bottom seats!

Note: This seat is now available in cadet seat sizes only!

The fiberglass resin seat is made for a variety of racing kart applications, and comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Seat type is Tillett T8, and is available in multiple sizes:
    • Extra Small (XS)
    • Cadet (C)
  • For the right seat option for you, consult the sizing diagram provided by Tillett
  • Each seat sold individually, with no additional mounting hardware. Because of the size of a kart seat vs. the relative weight, shipping fees tend to be significantly higher for a kart seat than their overall weight would suggest.