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Tillett T11t Kart Seats by Tillet Racing Seats. These seats are the gold standard for karting and have been so for decades! The T11t is one of the most popular models worldwide, and features a rigidity that is mid-way between a standard and "VG" seat, leading to a pliable yet sturdy seat. Choose this stiffness of kart seat if you are in low or medium horsepower karts, and want a great quality seat that will last a long time!


Originating in the UK, the Tillet T11 range of seats is one of the flagship lines of seats from Tillet Racing Seats, who are a brand synonymous with kart racing seats. If you race sprint karts, chances are you are racing against someone with a Tillett at your track!

The T11 features a large flat area on the base which allows for lower mounting in the frame than many curved-bottom seats. A reclined rear back angle of 58 degrees lowers the head and torso height as well, making this a great choice for grippy race tracks when decreasing traction is necessary.

Tillett's fabrication technique for the T11 and other seats in the Tillett line is fairly unique - the seat has a 'glassy' finish on both the interior and exterior of the seat, which repels grime and damage to the seat more readily than standard seats. In addition, the T11 features a 'v' shaped rigidity band along the rear of the seat, which is one of the features on the T11 that allows the rigidity to be adjusted between the standard, VG, and 't' versions of the seat.

Seat Sizing

Sizing your Tillett T11 seat is crucial to get the optimal performance out of your kart! See your image gallery for references on how to size your seat, based on your height and weight. Also, consult the chart below on tips on which seat might be right for you based on your weight and size. Note for smaller drivers feel free to call us if you are unsure if a 'cut down' or 'standard' size seat might be right for you!

Tillett kart seat | "t" rigidity